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Glass with black traditional turkish tea

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PriceFrom $4.00

The Medic gets you back into action when you're not feeling combat ready. 

While we don't make any medical claims, we do enjoy a mug or two when the crud hits.

The Medic is a soothing blend of echinacea root, elderberries, cinnamon, fennel, peppermint, lemongrass, spearmint & rosehip.

Our specially blended herbal tea features zero gluten or caffeine so you can enjoy it around the clock.  The natural sweetness of the soothing lemongrass and elderberry mixes with the gentle mint flavors to create a smooth satisfying cup. 


Short tour contains 2 preloaded tea bags.

Long Tour contains 10 servings of loose tea & 10 tea bags.

1/4 pound loose tea

1/2 pound loose tea

We donate 10% of every sale to female veterans!
Sip & Support!


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