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Pamlico Rose- Rose Haven blend 1/4 pound loose tea

Pamlico Rose- Rose Haven blend 1/4 pound loose tea

PriceFrom $12.00

We are honored to partner with Pamlico Rose, a not for profit that advances wellness and resilience-building programs for Veterans. Our missions align with focusing on female Veterans.


Founded in 2016, Pamlico Rose’s programs build a strong foundation of healthy living helping women Veterans overcome the effects of trauma and ease the struggle with transition, including social and community reintegration, from military to civilian life.  The heart of our mission is to promote wellness and resilience through our various programs onsite at our Rose Haven Center of Healing and in outreach to Veterans in eastern North Carolina.


Wellness. Resilience. Courage.
Commitment to better the lives of all who served – VET by VET


Rose Haven combines rose petals, rose hips & lavendar on a white tea base.

We will donate $2 of every purchase of Rose Haven to Pamlico Rose.


For more information on Pamlico Rose, please visit:

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