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Glass with black traditional turkish tea

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Winter Sampler

Winter Sampler


Need a winter pick me up?

Enjoy our Winter Sampler 4 pack:

  • Afterburner
  • Mocha Maneuver
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Cold Weather Gear

Afterburner- A new release blending vanilla black tea with peppermint leaves. Contains ammo (caffeine).

Mocha Maneuver- Cacao nibs, cocoa, milk & dark chocolate chips & mini marshmallows on a chocolate tea black base. Contains ammo (caffeine).

Sugar Cookie- Smooth blend of almonds, safflowers & cinnamon granules on a black tea base. Contains ammo (caffeine).

Cold Weather Gear- Gingerbread house. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cinnamon baking chips & mini marshmallows on a black tea base. Contains ammo (caffeine).

We donate 10% to female veterans.

Sip & Support!


*If a blend listed in the sampler is out of stock, we will substitute for a comparable blend.


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